June 2012 Check out the new article on Big Bang's AHEAD Sticks in the new Music Trades go to www.bigbangdist.com or http://www.bigbangdist.com/pdfs/MusicTradesBigBangJune12.pdf

March 2012: Vinnie Colaiuta joins the Paiste Family!! We are very excited to have this legendary artist join the Paiste Family!!!! Check it out at www.paiste.com

DG Collapsable Cajon- folds flat in seconds. Packs into easy to carry bag. Great for the gigging percussionist on the go.
Check out the new Cajon Video here~~
http://www.bigbangdist.com/dg_cajons.htm or go to the vidoe link on the home page to check it out


PST8: The new PST8's are crafted from the legendary 2002 Bronze Refined through traditional hand hammering and perfected with the unique handmade reflector finsh. These are PURE PAISTE through and through. Priced for the "working player" in mind. Medium weights and rock weights. Sound Edge HHats for 296.00!!
Sound Characteristics-Bright, Clean,Full, Focused and enrgetic,with clarity and warmth

Check em out!

ALPHA BOOMERS: Named after famed Iron Maiden drummer and long time Paiste player Nico McBrain. In honor of his long standing history with Paiste these Boomers are a great addition to the already successful Alpha Range. They correspond to Nickos touring set up and are silk screened with the "Power Slave Eddie" artwork. 
Sound Characteristics-Bright, Powerful , Crisp and cutting with warmth and clairty and tonal definition.

TWENTY MASTERS COLLECTION -CRISP RIDE- Made in collaboration with Ndugu Chancellor. One of the most outstanding studio players of our generation. This CuSn20 Bronze Masterpiece is Fairly Bright in sound. Open...Rich ..very controlled. An amazing instrument.

Check out these amazing new drums @

NEW TAYE TMW (TAYE METAL WORKS) BASS DRUM PEDALS- FEATURES .Patented ADJUSTABLE CAM- ADJUSTABLE FOOTBOARD allows you to truly customize your pedal to exactly the feel you want. Let's you concentrate on your playing and not your equipment! This pedal has to be played to be believed!!

DG Collapsable Cajon- folds flat in seconds. Packs into easy to carry bag. Great for the gigging percussionist on the go.
Check out the new Cajon Video here~~
http://www.bigbangdist.com/dg_cajons.htm or go to the vidoe link on the home page to check it out

Also...be sure to check out the cool Dixson Bass Drum Riser  


MAY  2012

Free Extra Covers Included In Specially-Marked Packs of AHEAD Drumsticks.



Starting May 15, 2012 specially-marked packages of AHEAD Drumsticks will include a free pair of replacement covers at no charge. Offering unsurpassed comfort, consistency and power, each pair of AHEAD Drumsticks feature aerospace-grade aluminum handles and cores with polyurethane sleeves that can last up to 6 times longer than conventional wood sticks. The "Double Dipper" packs let drummers double the durability and value of every pair of the advanced sticks by merely changing the covers as they wear out.


Ahead Double Dippers are available in all standard, extended length, hybrid and artist signature models at participating dealers while supplies last. For more information contact Ahead at 1-800-547-6401 or visit AheadDrumSticks.com.









Click here to check out the new AHEAD Armor Case video
featuring drumming legend Thomas Lang. 
  AHEAD Drumsticks Announces
New Metal Endorsers 


New Ahead Drumstick endorsers (shown above from left to right) are:  
Sasha Horn (Forbidden), Henrick Ohlsson (Scar Symmetry) Mike Hamilton (Exhumed), 
Proscriptor (Absu), Vaaver (Destruction), Zack Simmons (Goatwhore),  
Mario Moreno (Exmortus) and "Dross" Foltz (Sothis, not shown). 
Learn more at AheadDrumsticks.com
NEW Cympad Foam Cymbal Washers.  
Cympad is the advanced, cellular foam cymbal pad that provides drummers with improved cymbal sound plus increased consistency, suspension and isolation from hardware. Preferred over conventional felt cymbal washers by top drummers such as Steve Smith, Stephen Perkins, Antonio Sanchez, Pete Lockett, Thomas Lang, Jake Garland and Rich Redmond, Cympads are available in a wide selection of types, sizes and colors, including the Optimizer Series that enhance cymbal sound and the Moderator Series that help control it.


Log on to bigbangdist.com for more information. 



For more information on Big Bang's Drummer-Approved drums, percussion and accessories, or to locate your local authorized Big Bang dealer, visit us at: 



Big Bang Distribution  

9420 Reseda Blvd., Suite 350 · Northridge, California 91324



Check out the new SWAN PERCUSSION-BLACK SWAN-Amazing new instrument. Versatile and sounds great. Open bodied Cajon with a 16" drum head that can be changed in under a minute for different feels and sounds. Adjustable tuning for wide range of sounds. MADE IN AMERICA in Austin Texas! Has to be seen. Also a selection of  intreresting percussion instruments..shakers...Bongo Cajons ,Knock Box...Check them out!   www.swanpercussion.com


I just got finished spending time with Vince McBryde from Universal Melody/Shoenbach Band Instruments. Was very infromative. Vince has been around for 40 yrs in this business and is a wealth of knowledge. Visited dealers for two days and the response was amazing. These horns are winners from every angle....check them out. www.universalmeody.com Thanks for the help Vince!!!!!

New Product Line!!!
We are proud to announce that as of May 1st 2014...we have the privilege of representing Antigua Winds for California,Arizona and Nevada! We look forward to being involved with this exciting Horn company. Stay tuned!!!

Also exciting Paiste News....The new PST 7's and PST5's are in as well as the new MASTERS! Check out your local shop for these wonderful instruments. Andrew Shreve and myself will be at Sam Ash Hollywood on May 12th showcasing these cymbals....come on by!!!

As we head into 2014 I want to thank all of you for the support and business for the last year. It's certainly been a challenge in many ways  but 2014 looks to be a headed in a positive direction!. For those of you attending the 2014 Winter Namm I look forward to spending time with you ...those of you who arent I'll be in touch before and after to update you on all the new exciting products for 2014.
Thanks again...see you soon!
All of us at Biggroovesales!

EXCITING NEWS. December 2nd at the Hollywood Sam Ash Drum shop Paiste Cymbals and Sam Ash are having a Drummers Hang. Great Artists roundtable...playing....and of course all the new Paiste 602 Modern Essentials and Signature Precisions!
check it out here or go to www.paiste.com


New Products abound from Big Bang
New Ahead Marching Drumsticks Offer Precision, Consistency And Durability.
Based on their proven, proprietary designs that integrate an advanced aluminum core and handle and a resilient polyurethane shaft, Ahead Drumsticks' marching models offer near-perfect uniformity and consistency in terms of weight, size, balance and tone plus the increased durability, comfort and shock absorption that make them ideal for drum corps, Winterguard and other types of marching drum lines. And now, the exclusive "Chavez" Tenor Drum sticks and mallets bring Ahead's superior physical, musical and visual advantages to even more marching drummers on the field and off.
Chavez "Arsenal"
ATS: Tenor Drum Sticks
ATM: Tenor Drum Mallets

"Street Drum Corps" M1 Series 
M1C Snare Drum Sticks: 16.75˝ x .695˝ (87 grams) Short Taper
M1CX Snare Drum Sticks: 17.00˝ x .695˝ (88 grams) Long Taper 

 Learn more at AheadDrumsticks.com

The exclusive, new Compass cajón is the perfect solution for drummers and percussionists seeking a quality instrument at a very affordable price.

Unlike the rest of the handcrafted, Spanish-made, DG line, the body of this model is made of medium density wood-fibre composite which provides a very powerful sound. The rich tonal quality provided by the 3-ply, 100% birch front plate.



49 x 29 x 29 cm  

(19.25 x 14.5 x 14.5 in)

Sides & Back
10 mm wood-fibre composite w/black lacquer finish


3.5 mm in 3 plies of Baltic Birch, clear polyurethane finish 

Snare system

2 tunable steel strings


Click here to watch a video of the DG Compass in action.   

NEW! AHEAD Lucky Lehrer Speed Sticks 
Developed and played exclusively by Lucky Lehrer.
Drummer for The Circle Jerks, Redd Cross, Bad Religion and Wasted Youth,
 Lucky is considered the "Godfather" of hardcore and punk drumming. 
Model LL-SS: 16.000" length x .540" diameter, 53 grams, Medium Taper

Learn more at AheadDrumsticks.com 

Designed for a wide variety of musical applications, Logjam "stompers" are recommended for cajon players and hand percussionists as well as vocalists, guitarists and bassists. In fact, anyone who can tap their feet in time with their music can play any of these instruments. The modules are not effects pedals (stomp boxes) but instruments in their own right. They feature an internal sound chamber that creates the sound of an acoustic bass drum when plugged into a PA or bass amp.

A significant improvement over previous models, the Logarhythm has a much smoother radius (curve) on the stomping area to facilitate ease of use. The Logarhythm allows dynamic control by using the left or right side of the stomping areas and features a non-slip base. It is also possible to use both feet on this model. 

The Prolog has a low stomping angle, high output and internal sound board that have made it the choice of professionals the world over. The heel board area facilitates a kick-and-snare, back-beat effect by using the heel-toe technique. 
A smaller version of our most popular stomper, the Travelog has a great sound and lightweight and portable. Two of these ultra-compact models can be used effectively by double-bass players.
Available exclusively from Big Bang Distribution.
Click here to watch the Logarhythm work. 

October 2013

NEW NEWS!! We are proud to now be representing GMS Drums. These "made in the USA" instruments are one of the original "boutique" drums in the US. Handcrafted with amazing attention to detail and cutting edge technology and features.
check them out at www.gmsdrums.com

PAISTE: The 602 Modern Essentials continue to sell out. The new SIGNATURE PRECISIONS are catching on as well. Very focused sound with the Paiste Signature allow at 2002 PRICES!!! check them out www.paiste.com

The new long awaited KAMOA 500 Series are finally hitting our shores. Beautifully crafted with amazing woods. Available now! www.kamoaukulelecompany.com

Go to the link below for dealer only info!!


August 2013


The cool new 500 series Ukes from KAMOA are here and ready to go. A step up from the E3 series in woods and finishes. Beautiful instruments. Check your local Uke Shop now!


Lots going on with Ace Products. New Mic stands on the way....new Speaker Stands as well....Back to school sales and great savings!!!

The Paiste 602 Modern Essentials are continuinbg to be sell outs! Cant keep them in the warehouse....check out these beauties at your local drum shop now...


May 2013: The new DRUM BOX CAJON and Pedal from Big Bang is here!!!

Be sure to check out the very cool new Drum Box Cajon. Maestral Cajon with Pedal that adapts for easy playing while seated (of course) Unlike the competitions design this pedal utilizes a drive shaft instead of a cable to work the pedal...this results in immediate response and no cable lag!!! 


New From Ace and KACES...Hardshell wooden guitar cases. These are arriving as we speak...All sizes in stock !!! Check out 

Also check out the amazing Reunion Blues Continental and Aero Line of cases... these beauties are designed to last. Continentals are"drop tested!"  and the AERO is a lighter weight choice but still preserving maximum protection for your instrument. Check it out at 
http://youtu.be/1mvJTEape0M ( AERO Intro)
http://youtu.be/03JU695A6hE (Drop test)

The new E500 Series Ukes are on the water and will be arriving any day. You have to see and play the beauties to appreciate them. Contact your nearest KAMOA dealer or contact us here and we will point you in the right direction!!!!!
For the full experience of the KAMOA Line please go to 

March 2013:

We are proud to announce we are representing the Ace Products Group for California Arizona and Nevada.www.aceproducts.com Ace Products encompase Reuion Blues Cases and bags, Kaces bags and accessories,Strukture cables and stands and accessories including the PIG HOG line of cables. Also the wonderful Rock and Roller Carts. One stop shopping for all your Guitar and Band and Orchestral bags and cases. Strukture line has a complete selection of fine mic and instrument cables ...mic stands..music stands ...keyboard stands...guitar/uke/bass stands as well!

Also...this just in...we are also proud to announce we will be representing the KAMOA line of Ukueles.(

We will be handling these fine instruments at the moment for So Cal, Arizona and Las Vegas.

 Also...make sure to check out the Black Swan Percussion You Tube Page!!!!  youtube/theblackswandrumchannel

January 2013:

Just back from the Winter NAMM Show....another fine show indeed. One of the big hits of the show were the Paiste 602 MODERN ESSENTIALS. Designed in conjunction with the great Vinnie Colaiuta these amazing instruments bring together the clarity and the subtleties of the 602's with additional hammering that makes these cymbals sound and feel like no others. Coming in March/April...be sure to check out these at your local drum shop or retailer!
Also check out the Paiste FACTORY VIDEO on the site as well.


Nottwil/Switzerland – The renowned Swiss cymbal maker Paiste announces the launch of the Formula 602 Modern Essentials.
After the very successful re-launch of the legendary Formula 602 series, Paiste developed a new sound dimension from 602 Bronze with the Formula 602 Modern Essentials, in collaboration with Vinnie Colaiuta, who is without a doubt one of today’s most influential drummers.
Vinnie’s idea was to create the missing link between really dark and bright, transparent cymbals. «I wanted to take some of that richness, warmth, darkness and a bit of complexity of the Signature Traditionals and combine that with the transparency and stick definition of the existing 602 sound. In retrospect, I think that Paiste Sound Development had a very similar idea. Their vision and my vision were completely in alignment.»
«Every step of the way they were able to perfectly execute the concept we had discussed together», the eminent drummer reflects on the efficient co-operation with Paiste Sound Development. «They weren’t trying to convince me of anything; I wasn’t trying to convince them of anything. If something had a particular characteristic, that I questioned, I would tell them. And sometimes I didn’t have to tell them anything, they could just read it on my face.»
The Formula 602 Modern Essentials is not a set of cymbals designed exclusively for Vinnie Colaiuta. The application of the cymbals covers a vast range of musical styles. «What I had in mind was something that most discerning drummers are looking for», Vinnie explains. «They are cymbals for many seasons. They can potentially cover just about anything I could think of. And it’s not specialized. It doesn’t control you, but you can control it.»

rland – The renowned Swiss cymbal maker Paiste announces the launch of t


Big Bang has introduced an entirely new line of AHEAD PRACTICE PADS. Drum Corp pads as well as stanbdard pads. The Corp PADS have Kevlar mounted on an actual rim for the rimshots and true Corp feel.
Check out all the cool new toys at 


NEW SWAN PERCUSSION Catalogue released. These new finshes and features are absolutely stunning both visually and to the ears...Check them out

We are very proud to announce we are representing CYMBAL SHIELD CYMBAL CLEANERS. An amazing cleaning system that takes the grim and fingerprints off your cymbals with very little effort and....SAVES YOUR LOGOS!!! Great company MADE IN THE USA right here in California! Check it out at your local drum shop or retailer or email us here to get a free sample and find your nearest store!

Check out the list of TOP SELLING PAISTE CYMBALS...based on sales in the US. The top selling skus help to make your cymbal selection easier. BUT...dont be afraid to branch out and try some things you might not ordinarily think about. For example...the Twenty Series has an amazing selection of beautiful instruments your customers might not be aware of!!! Go to the DEALERS ONLY section for the full list!!


Check out the new LARS STICKS!!!!!!! Available now!

Also NEW re designed DRUM GLOVES are on the way ...coming soon!!!

July 2012
Ahead Armor Cases Win 2012 Drummie Award      
Thanks to everyone who chose Ahead Armor Cases as the top drum accessories in Drum! Magazine's 2012 Drummie Awards Readers Poll. Click here to learn more about the advanced cases that are used and endorsed by top drummers from Thomas Lang, Adrian Young and Mike Johnston to Thomas Pridgen, Richie Garcia and Derrick Wright.
Get A Grip With "Gorilla Snot™"                 
Guitar Pick & Drum Stick Grip Enhancer            

"Gorilla Snot™", the popular, naturally-sticky substance created to help guitarists, drummers and other musicians improve their grip on picks and sticks is now available exclusively from Big Bang Distribution. Just a light touch of Gorilla Snot on a player's thumb and index finger works whether their hands are completely dry or dripping with perspiration. The increased gripping power allows musicians to play more confidently and comfortably by allowing them to hold their picks and sticks more securely with less pressure and concentrate on their playing instead of worrying about losing control of the devices or dropping them. For more information, click here

Ahead's Spinal-G Split Seat Thrones Now Available  
 Big Bang Distribution proudly introduces its proprietary "Spinal G", split-seat throne with heavy-duty, four-leg base. The Spinal G has been developed for players who desire the extra support and comfort an Ergokinetic™ throne provides. By adapting the medically-tested, scientifically-proven theory of ergokinetics, the Spinal G throne offers many advantages for drummers. It improves mobility and flexibility to reduce fatigue, as well as hip, back and shoulder discomfort while allowing more natural movement of the legs, lower back and shoulders when sitting and playing. Check out the Spinal-G throne atbigbangdist.com.
Exclusive Dealer Special On Cympad           
New "Flatz" Internal Bass Drum Mic Mount         
From Kelly SHU™          
Professional drummers know that miking the bass drum is the one of the easiest ways to improve the sound and increase the presence of the drumset in any situation, and that internal miking with the innovative Kelly SHU suspension mounts offers the best way to isolate and control the placement and efficiency of bass drum mics. Now, in addition to the original SHU models that accommodate a wide variety of standard bass drum microphones, the company has developed "Flatz" to provide all the benefits of its suspended platform for internal mounting of boundary mics. Flatz and the lightweight yet durable SHU Composite are available from Big Bang Distribution. Click here to learn more. 
Music Trades Magazine Salutes The          
20th Anniversary Of Ahead Drumsticks.           
The April issue of Music Trades Magazine featured an in-depth article celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Ahead Drumsticks and covering the past, present and future of the popular, alternative sticks. Also included were quotes from leading drummers and dealers who continue to support the sticks' ongoing success. Click here to download the full article.

For more information on Big Bang's Drummer-Approved
drums, percussion and accessories, or to locate your local 
authorized Big Bang dealer, visit us at: bigbangdist.com 
Big Bang Distribution 
9420 Reseda Blvd., Suite 350 · Northridge, California 91324
1-800-547-6401 | info@bigbangdist.com 

Biggroove Sales Team

Biggroove Sales Team