A few new Changes!!!

We are no longer affiliated with Antigua Winds as of April 1st...sorry to say...


We are however, now working with HARMONY MUSIC in Redmond Washington for Band Rentals. They have an amazing affiliate program that enables anyone to effectively and PROFITABLY rent Band Instruments!



New Big Bang

New ALL LEATHER STICK BAGS AND ALL LEATHER GUITAR STRAPS by Minatour .https://www.minotaurguitarstraps.com/ 

Hand Crafted in Greece. Very nicely made...very affordable

Stick Bags are in the New big Bang Spring Catalogue

Also Snark Tuners are now available through RBI! Check out the full line 


                                Agner Swiss Drumsticks. Swiss Made . Great feel and balance.


We are very proud to represent Fret King /Vintage Guitars for Northern California and Northern Nevada. Designed and headed up by the legendary Trev Wilkinson in England. These instruments have features found on much more expensive guitars for a fraction of the price. They are TechEd from the warehouse...no more sharp frets...set up and ready to go out of the box!



Cac-Sac leather bags. Handmade in the US in New York by famed NY player Ed Caccavale. Each one is handcrafted. Nothing like them on the market today. AND very affordable


Does anyone need another guitar strap?....Well the answer is absolutely. Tetherax are some of the most comfortable...durable....AFFORDABLE straps you can wear.

Check them out at www.tetherax.com

We are very proud to represent the finest collection of snare drums and drum sets available today.

Pork Pie. Very cool Boutique (ish) Made by Bill Detamore. www.porkpiedrums.com

Black Swamp Percussion-Dynamicx line of snare drums along with their highly acclaimed Multisonic Concert Snare Drums offer an amazing array of sounds and instruments www.blackswamp.com

Odery Drums -Brazilian Based Drums.  Complete selection of snare drums, sets, custom sets and the amazing Café Kits. www.odery.com

Rogers Drums-The legend is back and better than ever. These Dynasonics have never been better. Limited colors for the moment. More on the way. Built by Bill Detamore of Pork Pie Fame. Assembled here in the US. www.bigbangdist.com

Ahead Snares. -Big Bang Distribution has an amazing selection of custom snares ranging from Bell Brass to Steel and every thing in between.  www.bigbangdist.com