We are proud to offer some of the finest percussion products available. 

We now offer ANGNER SWISS MADE DRUMSTICKS. Swiss made...great balance and feel. Unique hardwoods. www.agnerswiss.com

A Tempo Percussion- Formerly Sol Percussion. Same great products (with the exception of the USA Made Bongos) as before. Quality and innovative products.

Black Swamp Percussion. The finest Concert percussion on the market today. Snares, Tambourines,Castanets...a full selection of concert percussion.


Odery Drums-Family owned drum company originating in Brazil manufacturing some of the most beautiful looking and sounding drums available on the market today. 

CAC-SAC gig bags. Made in the USA hand made to order quality Leather bags.

PORK PIE DRUMS. Hand made in the US along with select import products. Thrones, Drum Kits, Snare drums

Paiste Cymbals- Family owned for over 100 years. The Finest Swiss and German made Cymbals Sounds and World renowned Gongs


Ahead Snare Drums 

http://aheaddrumsticks.com/snare-drums.html www.facebook.com/aheaddrumsticks

AHEAD Drumsticks- The Worlds Most Advanced Drumsticks. Great feel ...great durability. 

http://aheaddrumsticks.com/ https://www.facebook.com/OfficialAheadDrumsticks

TOCA PERCUSSION-Full assortment of hand percussion instruments as well as percussion parts and accessories